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A Weblog by Dave Astels
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October 17, 2005,  14 comments
One of the core tenets of object-oriented programming is encapsulation. It's one of OO's most powerful ideas. More powerful than inheritance. Unfortunately it's also one of the most ignored.
September 27, 2004,  21 comments
If you are like most, and possibly even all, programmers (this author humblely included) then your code sucks. Maybe not all of it, and maybe not all the time, but certainly some of it, some of the time.
March 20, 2004,  2 comments
"Test Driven Development: A Practical Guide" just won the Jolt award inthe Technical Book category. I want to make my appreciation known for those that helped out.
February 23, 2004,  22 comments
For some time I've been thinking about how TDD tests can be as simple, as expressive, and as elegant as possible. This article explores a bit about what it's like to make tests as simple and decomposed as possible: aiming for a single assertion in each test.
October 24, 2003,  Submit comment
I spent the last week of September in lovely Aarhus, Denmark at the 2003 JAOO conference. I've written up my experiences and thrown in a few photos. If you have the chance next year.. go there for yourself, you won't regret it!
September 16, 2003,  Submit comment
Some highlights from the Agile Keynote at SD Best Practices
July 8, 2003,  4 comments
News on Dave's book & tutorials.
April 18, 2003,  2 comments
Where we find out what Dave will be talking about, and maybe get enough information to form an opinion as to whether it might be worth paying attention to or if it's just a bunch of mindless blathering.
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