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February 21, 2005,  Submit comment
For exploring complex software development ideas then a more effective way is to leverage more of the senses. John Udell in fact has come up with a preliminary list of "Screencast Guidelines". I've stumbled upon a couple more screencasts to justify the existence of a trend.
February 19, 2005,  5 comments
SOAP is comatose, but hasn't declared legally dead by either IBM or Microsoft. But how did this all happen? Isn't SOAP the underpinnings of Web Services, the same technology that was billed as the silver bullet to extinguish our collective integration nightmare? Well the time of reckoning has now arrived.
July 30, 2004,  32 comments
If one considers hacking as solely an individual activity, then the limits of expression does have a non-negligible impact on productivity. However, when we involve groups of people, then a language that "supports communities" bests out a "Hacker" language.
June 28, 2004,  8 comments
There are a lot of ideas in software engineering are considered as truth until someone pinpoints the fallacies. Peter Deutsch first came up with his “Eight Fallacies of Distributed Computing” to debunk misconceptions about distributed computing. I happen to have a list of my own. Here are 10 Fallacies of Software Analysis and Design.
October 29, 2003,  1 comment
Adding Generics to the Java language isn't going to revolutionary change the status quo. People extremely over estimate the value of language constructs in the overall scheme of providing compelling solutions to a customer.
September 16, 2003,  13 comments
Jim Coplien now has a teaching job, but he's saying that it's about time we get rid of classes. Here's my take on why he may just be on to something.
September 6, 2003,  Submit comment
It's high time we all face up to reality. The network is and will remain "heteregenous". In spite of the sincere efforts of vendors and standards organizations to homogenize the network, the networks insists that it is indeed heteregenous.
July 26, 2003,  2 comments
Most imperative languages are designed to express control flow explicitly. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to program in a more reactive style. Proposed are two constructs, Generators and Grammars to help ease the burden.
July 25, 2003,  10 comments
3 Laws of Software Complexity analagous to 3 Laws of Thermodynamics.
July 3, 2003,  3 comments
Idiomatic java isn't a place to get inspiration on how to build loosely coupled architectures. Even though Java idioms are extremely useful, when you get to "programming in the large" it's a whole different ballgame.
June 21, 2003,  3 comments
George Santayana, a notable philosopher, coined the phrase, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." A study of the history of the CORBA standard reveals that for WebService standards, history is again repeating itself.
June 17, 2003,  5 comments
Static Reasoning favors perfect planning over runtime adaptability. This is a favored approach in the software community. However, there are limits to static reasoning, grasping this fact helps achieve better manageability of complexity.
June 10, 2003,  6 comments
The Hive Mind is asynchronous.  You don't have to be in the same place or even in the same time to be able to converse.
June 10, 2003,  Submit comment
More precisely, "Does Aspect Oriented Programming (i.e. AOP) supercede Component Models?".  It's an interesting question, something we all would like to know before the AOP hype machine gets to full gear.  To answer it, let's get our definitions straight first.
June 10, 2003,  12 comments
Dumbing down the language by not providing more powerful expressions is a way of promoting to a wider audience. However, is it the only way of supporting communities?
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