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Still Crazy After All These Years
A Weblog by Steve Holden
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August 7, 2007,  19 comments
Steve has just agreed to become a correspondent for Python Magazine. What do people need to know?
April 9, 2005,  Submit comment
I am just starting to investigate Technorati. In order to verify the claim that I am the owner of this blog I have to publish a specific string in it. I couldn't bear to just post the string, so I ended up reflecting on blogging and coding in general. Apologies to William Shakespeare. This doesn't mean much.
April 1, 2004,  35 comments
Why is this "new" language so annoyingly verbose? Why does it take so much code to express relatively simple ideas? Why is Java drowning in the complexity of its APIs?
March 30, 2004,  Submit comment
As far as telephone service goes, the lunatics are clearly running the asylum. Economics is topsy-turvy in the information age.
August 25, 2003,  Submit comment
I'll probably never blog from a conference, since sometimes the true impact of news takes a while to assess. Besides which, sometimes there are other priorities, even when you're at a conference. And then there are other costs ...
July 22, 2003,  5 comments
While I'm all for healthy competition, the open source world might be taking it a bit too far.
June 27, 2003,  52 comments
The open source model assumes that the value of code is not necessarily monetary. Is this a precursor to the new economy, or will the capitalist world succeed in establishing money as the ultimate measure of all worth?
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