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Still Crazy After All These Years
What Matters About Python?
by Steve Holden
August 7, 2007
Steve has just agreed to become a correspondent for Python Magazine. What do people need to know?


I return to this forum after a lengthy absence because it offers access to a community of well-informed, not to say opinionated, software technologists. I have just accepted an invitation to write a monthly column for the forthcoming Python Magazine, and I don't want to write only for existing Python users.

Other writers will doubtless handle the technical side of the language, though I expect I will have a hand in that area as well. But I am interested in providing a rounded source of information to a broad readership, and would like to address philosophical and social as well as technical issues.

So, what information about Python is the average reader looking for? Are Python users smug or self-effacing? Is there enough documentation? What are the warts, and what have you found Python to be especially good or bad for?

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Steve Holden has been using computers longer than some of you have been alive, and he still isn't tired of it. The fascination is to do with the modeling flexibility that information systems allow. Steve consults to help his clients design and build their network architectures and programmed web systems, and teaches networking, database and security classes. He is the author of "Python Web Programming" (New Riders, 2002) and chaired the PyCon DC 2003 conference.

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