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As Simple as Possible
A Weblog by Ron Jeffries
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August 4, 2003,  5 comments
The more I practice taiji, the more I notice three seemingly contradictory things. First, I keep discovering subtle details that I hadn't previously seen. Second, it keeps getting simpler. Third, it never gets easier: our teacher, who has been doing it for twenty-five years, sweats just as much as the old fat guy who wears my outfit.
July 29, 2003,  7 comments
Becoming a boss doesn't make us smarter, nor is it a license to use our power unwisely. We need to listen to our folks, and let them act on their own, sometimes even when they're wrong.
July 21, 2003,  9 comments
Programming is complicated, and the problems that "they" ask us to program are complicated. As a "bear of very little brain", my only hope is simplicity. My primary theme in these logs will be to explore how to find simplicity amid all the mess.
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