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As Simple as Possible
What's My Point?
by Ron Jeffries
July 21, 2003
Programming is complicated, and the problems that "they" ask us to program are complicated. As a "bear of very little brain", my only hope is simplicity. My primary theme in these logs will be to explore how to find simplicity amid all the mess.


For now, that's my point: my plan here is to address simplicity, how to find it, how to get it. Please add comments on your own approaches to dealing with complexity: we all need all the help we can get. Oh, and expect a few rants as well. I'm sure that will happen ... Welcome!

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About the Blogger

Ron Jeffries has been developing software since 1962, when Bill Rogers at Strategic Air Command handed him a Fortran manual. In that time, Ron has worked on operating systems, language compilers, database management systems, and a host of applications. As far as he knows, he has only put one company entirely out of business, and he is almost certain that he has helped some others. Ron has been involved in—some would say implicated in—the Extreme Programming movement since its beginning, and is the senior author, with Chet Hendrickson and Ann Anderson, of Extreme Programming Installed. Cribbing from Einstein, Ron believes that the best software, and the best processes, should be as simple as possible ... and no simpler.

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