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Pythoncraft and Pigs With Wings
A Weblog by Aahz
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July 29, 2009,  5 comments
The Python community is both incredibly diverse (Python 3.1's release manager was not yet eighteen years old) and incredibly lacking in diversity (none of the regular committers is a woman). I'm now working on creating more diversity in the Python community, and I welcome anyone who wants to help.
July 25, 2009,  36 comments
Many men in Open Source refuse to confront the fact that they need to do something about the lack of women in Open Source -- partly because they don't believe that there are so few women.
April 9, 2009,  Submit comment
Early registration ends June 2.
October 16, 2008,  Submit comment interviews me on Python 3.0
July 16, 2003,  17 comments
With the advent of languages such as Python, the debate over typing has heated up again. Contrary to some claims (notably from Bruce Eckel), I believe Python has strong typing, and this article explains why.
May 30, 2003,  1 comment
Why a technophilic Luddite would choose to write a blog
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