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Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Open Source Software
A Weblog by Mark Johnson
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October 6, 2008,  2 comments
Usage logs can provide useful inputs to user interface and web site designs. But all too often, naive interpretations of log data produce poor (or, at least, unsupported) design decisions. Here are a few of my concerns about the question, "What do the logs say?"
February 19, 2004,  15 comments
What is good software documentation? What do you use? What categories exist? What tools do you use? What sounds useful but isn't? What would you most like to see? Stop complaining and start writing.
April 17, 2003,  Submit comment
Researchers in Rotterdam have positively identified the virus responsible for SARS
April 17, 2003,  11 comments
Why be interested in bioinformatics as a career path?
March 24, 2003,  Submit comment
Excerpts from FDR's 1936 Democratic Party nomination acceptance speech
March 24, 2003,  3 comments
Introducing Mark Johnson's weblog on Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, and Open Source Software.
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