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Turn, and Face the Strange
A Weblog by Calum Shaw-Mackay
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August 23, 2005,  Submit comment
Okay this came from a little idea I had last night for Neon, and from a bit of playing around with those ideas - dependency injection from Jini configuration files.
March 24, 2005,  1 comment
So here's my pitch. I've been working on a grid system using Jini and mobile agents, for about 12-18 months, and now I'm nearly ready to release it as a project. Here's a bit of an overview to Neon's features and capabilities.
March 7, 2005,  1 comment
I really can't care about EJB3 and J2EE. In emphasis, not that I shouldn't care about J2EE, but that practically, even spiritually, I can't care about J2EE - apathy is a terrifying thing
October 28, 2004,  Submit comment
Sounds a bit extreme? Some companies seem to live and breathe benchmarks, responses to studies, and responses to responses. Isn’t it time we realised what benchmarks are really about and stopped it all getting out of hand.
October 6, 2004,  Submit comment
Yes, J2SE 5.0 is out, and as much as we all would like to use it, we know that there are some things that just won't happen over night - such as mass adoption by Appserver vendors,etc. But if you are willing to make a small compromise you can use J2SE5.0 in the guts of your code, but also let it play nicely with your 1.4 environment.
September 20, 2004,  8 comments
Anyone who has read David Gelernter’s The Second Coming: A Manifesto, will have heard of the concept of filesystems that grab the data they want and categorise files based on their content. But how near is the reality of Content Based Data Stores (CBDS)
September 13, 2004,  6 comments
….is that they either try to do too much (but end up doing very little of what you actually want), or they’re so miniscule there isn't one.
May 5, 2004,  15 comments
It always seems that developers are more willing to agree on music, one of the most diverse forms of self-expression available, than they are to agree on their development environments
April 27, 2004,  7 comments
After reading many texts, both in print and online and many discussions on the Internet a realisation slowly crept over me
April 14, 2004,  15 comments
In my inaugural weblog entry here on Artima, I question whether the logic about the First Law of Distributed Computing is really that relevant now.
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