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A Weblog by Sean Landis
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October 6, 2011,  1 comment
My JavaOne day three was just sessions. And the concert! But the sessions were good ones.
October 6, 2011,  4 comments
Day Two at JavaOne brought a few more interesting announcements.
October 5, 2011,  Submit comment
The day one keynote convinced everyone that Java is moving forward. There are good things happening, good things on the horizon, and a few surprise changes-in-direction from Oracle.
January 5, 2009,  38 comments
Contrarians reject the majority opinion and often have personal reasons to degrade Agile. These writings often disqualify themselves through bias, thus failing to benefit the community. But non-contrarians - practitioners who tend to support the majority view - may be in the best position to drag the skeletons out of the closet.
June 25, 2006,  24 comments
With the demise of my former employer, I found myself on the streets holding a sign that said: "Will do Jini for food." I finally landed a job with a company that does Jini, although I am not doing Jini. This entry is a reflective on what I learned about Java EE in that three month period.
July 12, 2004,  3 comments
Does service oriented architecture mean Web Services? Is Web Services even appropriate as an SOA technology? These and other issues are explored in this post.
July 1, 2004,  Submit comment
I really pooped out last night. I'm getting old, and the battle with strep when I got here caught up with me. But the General Session was great for Jini folk.
July 1, 2004,  Submit comment
Really 2.5-3.5. What happened (at least what I saw), etc.
June 29, 2004,  Submit comment
Most of the action is yet to come this evening.
June 28, 2004,  Submit comment
Huge adoption numbers, Tiger improvements, and the next Sun targets highlight the first day.
June 23, 2004,  Submit comment
JavaOne is my favorite conference for many reasons: Seeing friends, learning, discussing technology, and being in SF, among others. This entry highlights some of the things I think will be worth checking out.
April 1, 2004,  1 comment
This article discusses some of the challenges facing corporate research groups. This is a splinter discussion motivated from comments by Frank Sommers in entry entitled "On Avoiding Being Pigeonholed." What are your experiences with research?
March 29, 2004,  2 comments
Is your career in a rut? Are you unhappy? Maybe you've been pigeonholed. In this article I share some personal experiences and the lessons they taught me. Hopefully you can learn from it too.
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