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People Over Process
Day One @J1
by Sean Landis
June 28, 2004
Huge adoption numbers, Tiger improvements, and the next Sun targets highlight the first day.


The Opening general session focused on the rather huge Java adoption numbers in various markets under the banner of ubiquity. Schwartz emphasized how the Java monetization engine works despite Wall Street's lack of understanding. The adoption numbers Jonathan threw out were awesome: 100's of millions of units in various markets. Very impressive.

Sun showed how J2ME has really taken off and demo'd some cool apps. The interesting thing to me was the definition of their next target. Two years agove Sun targeted small devices, now they are going after the auto industry. This is a next logical step and a really exciting one because inevitably we will then see a merging of the various spaces we move trhough: home, office, auto, mobile. I always take this stuff with a chunk of salt, but watching the progress the last few years, I really do believe we are not far from a ubiquitous world. One that actually adds value - no less.

The pavilion is about the same as last year, smaller than some previous years, but well represented. Many of the small companies appear to be sticking around - a good thing. One interesting company is a partnership between Nokia and Sega who are delivering a multiplayer gaming platform.

The one disappointment was that I found out Sun has decided to relieve speakers of their alumni status. That's very lame. An official did give me some suggestions on getting around this and I'll give them I try. I hate it when things get taken away - even if they really aren't mine to begin with.

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