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People Over Process
Day 2 @ J1
by Sean Landis
June 29, 2004
Most of the action is yet to come this evening.


There was some interesting news from Apple: Java API for Rendevous and support for Java 3D. Sun announced GPL for LookingGlass, an experimental (and very cool) 3D windowing layer. On the Jini Front, there was a very well attended Jini BoF last night and today's Jini session was also well attended (Brian Murphy did a great job). Last night, the Jini Community met at the Thirsty Bear. It was great to see nearly everyone there.

Yesterday's tshirt canon was a very high-tech web enabled compressed air job that could blow the lights out in the back row. Today's canon was a garage-built tandem bike driven job that shot more quickly, but with less power. Unfortunately, it broke down after three shots.

Personally, I had an extended anxiety attack as my ethernet driver disappeared on the day that I needed it for a demo. Thanks to Alan the support guy who fixed it for me, and thanks to the people at speaker services as well. The speaker's 'lounge' almost offsets the loss of alumni priveleges - especially since the alumni lounge is downscaled from last year.

Tonight is very busy. From 6 to 9 there's Java Communities in Action. I have a demo there and then my BoF on the hype (and reality) of software oriented architectures. I must admit I'm a little nervous; my boss actually wrote and intended to present, but he's vacationing in the Mediterranean. Since I'll be busting on web services, I expect some arrows from the crowd.

I've been able to collect the usual raft of nerdware; no need to by tshirts for another year. I've avoided the crappy gadgets and I'm entered to win the Segue tomorrow. It isn't going to fit in the back of the Suburban so I guess I'll have to ride it home to Park City.

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