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Dissecting Developer Productivity
A Weblog by David Vydra
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February 18, 2009,  44 comments
Recently you may have noticed noise about Joel Spolsky vs Bob Martin and Kent Beck. I came to a conclusion that may surprise those of you that know of my background in the Agile/TDD community.
February 6, 2009,  2 comments
Some of the skills taught to first graders appear to foreshadow modern development practices. You decide.
October 20, 2008,  1 comment
David Kreth Allen reflects on the fact that in his experience "people seem to favor artifacts and practices over principles." My reply follows:
August 12, 2008,  Submit comment
You need coders to write software - its that simple.
June 11, 2008,  1 comment
Report from the Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts meeting.
March 31, 2008,  16 comments
Developers who have relied heavily on refactoring support available for static languages are suspicious of the productivity gains promised by dynamic languages.
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