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Inside the Head of a Power-Folk Java Hacker
A Weblog by Geert Bevin
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May 9, 2007,  Submit comment
If you are interested cutting-edge web development, native Java continuations, Rich Internet Applications, ... let's meet today, May 9th at 17h30, at the Thirsty Bear.
October 6, 2006,  Submit comment
These new video tutorials should be an excellent resource for people that want to get a quick overview of some of RIFE's benefits.
August 19, 2006,  9 comments
X-develop is an unknown Java IDE that allows for very agile development patterns without getting in the way. This blog post illustrates a unique approach called 'fuzzy' or 'freeform' refactoring that is enabled by a unique X-develop featured called 'instant project-wide on-the-fly error checking'.
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