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Java Performance
A Weblog by Jack Shirazi
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September 22, 2004,  12 comments
My discussion with an experienced but disillusioned Java programmer
August 27, 2004,  2 comments
There is a "Java IDE shootout" from JavaOne comparing IntelliJ, Eclipse, NetBeans, Emacs and JDeveloper
July 14, 2004,  Submit comment
I decided it was time to validate the HTML on my site, but wanted an integrated solution that would flag problems during the build process.
May 19, 2004,  2 comments
Continuing my series about my mistakes and successes on running a profitable website. This time, I talk about content.
April 13, 2004,  4 comments
Hey, stupid, are you trying to say your company is worthless?
April 1, 2004,  4 comments
My recent host provider issues made me realize that I am running a profitable website, and that perhaps others can benefit from knowing about mistakes and successes I've made, to get their own site successful and profitable. So I've decided to write a series on the site. This, the first article in the series, explains why I started the site.
February 4, 2004,  Submit comment
In January's performance news, the slumbering issue of badly performing strict Math finally bit Sun in public.
December 31, 2003,  Submit comment
I list details about the December Java Performance Newsletter, discuss the responses to last month's question, and give you some site stats.
November 28, 2003,  3 comments
The November issue of the Java Performance Newsletter was published, and I ask you about the usefulness of these announcements.
October 1, 2003,  Submit comment
The September issue of the Java Performance Newsletter was published. Includes an article on "Timers and audio performance".
August 27, 2003,  Submit comment
The August issue of the Java Performance Newsletter was published
August 7, 2003,  1 comment
What is the difference between knowing how to use a profiler and knowing how to tune an app? At least $10,000.
July 30, 2003,  Submit comment
The July newsletter was published
July 24, 2003,  Submit comment
Java serving 1 billion pages per day for eBay! I'm always looking for Java case studies. It's fascinating to see just what people have done. This set from JavaOne lists eBay, The Wall Street Journal, American Airlines, several huge governmental organizations, and many more.
July 17, 2003,  Submit comment
The JavaOne prgramming puzzlers session is well worth a look if you have any Java geek in you.
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