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Java Performance
November Java Performance News
by Jack Shirazi
November 28, 2003
The November issue of the Java Performance Newsletter was published, and I ask you about the usefulness of these announcements.


The November issue of the Java Performance Newsletter was published, contents are:

If you missed the October issue, the contents of that issue are here

Someone (I don't know who) told someone (I know who) who told me that they think my announcements of my newsletters are not appropriate for a blog. They suggested that this was plain advertising. I actually agree that this announcement is advertising. The question is, do you find it useful? I am advertising relevant Java content on a Java interest website. The content is accessible for free, not even registration is required. Personally, I'm delighted when someone points out relevant material from their blog, and I couldn't care less if they are a member of the organization that provides the material. But I'll happily go with the flow. Do you think I should announce my newsletters here?

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Jack Shirazi is the author of O'Reilly's "Java Performance Tuning" and director of the popular website, the world's premier site for Java performance information. Jack writes articles for many magazines, usually about Java performance related matters. He also oversees the output at, publishing around 1 000 performance tips a year as well as many articles about performance tools, discussion groups, and much more. In his earlier life Jack also published work on protein structure prediction and black hole thermodynamics, and contributed to some Perl5 core modules "back when he had more time".

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