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Scala steadily marches towards world domination!
by David Vydra
June 11, 2008
Report from the Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts meeting.


Yesterday I attended a meeting of Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts - . It was great fun. We started with a demo of a Web App in Scala built with Maven and run with JavaRebel technology - - that automatically reloads most changes to the class files after each compilation. You end up with the same development experience as with any scripting language. Did I mention that Scala is a static language that is 100% JVM compatible and has a much cleaner syntax than Java?

The only disappointment was the Eclipse plugin for Scala. It is very rough, but I am still betting that it will beat both Python and Ruby plugins eventually in such areas as code completion, navigation, and refactoring.

All this gloating is tongue-in-cheek of course. I have the greatest respect for Python and Ruby developers, but at the meeting I met several kindred souls that have come to Scala after long stints with dynamic languages.

Let diversity thrive!



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