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Dissecting Developer Productivity
Favoring artifacts and practices over principles
by David Vydra
October 20, 2008
David Kreth Allen reflects on the fact that in his experience "people seem to favor artifacts and practices over principles." My reply follows:



You nailed it! I have long wondered why Certified Scrum Master is such a big hit? Personally, I liked the Scrum book and I was reasonably happy with the 2-day CSM course I took in Calgary 5 years ago until the moment we we given out Certificates. "Certified"? Have we stooped so low as to call a 2-day mild collegiate discussion a certification of something? Alas, apparently, this is what The People crave - a TLA after their name.

I prefer The Road Less Traveled of software development - finding teams of independent thinkers who are building leading edge technology, who seek out and use best practices, but are not interested in joining any religion and wasting time discussing the One True Way...and I am looking for my next job now :)

Sincerely, David Vydra, CSM

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