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Design vs. Architecture
by John D. Mitchell
December 10, 2004
Just what is the difference between design and architecture?


I review a fair number of books every year for various publishers and friends of mine and I'm constantly amazed how often people use the term architecture when, at best, they are just talking about design. Yeah, I understand that there's a whole slew of "grad inflation" taking place in the marketing hype but this is just ridiculous. I read even more software every year and, alas, I must say the problem isn't just with the marketing folks.

Of course, part of the problem seems to be that because software is so soft, it's possible to spend ages arguing about where we draw the line between the two. Personally, the distinction seems very simple and clear but, hey, what do I know? :-)

Here are two exhibits that highlight the difference between "design" and "architecture". Clearview: A New Typeface for US Highways and Roads Gone Wild.

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