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Indeterminate Heuristics
AOP Idiom - Refactor First
by Dale Asberry
September 30, 2004
AOP can do a lot of things but it can't clean up poorly structured code.


I'm a lurker on the AspectJ-Users and AspectJ-Dev mailing lists. Good nuggets often pop up there that should be disseminated to a larger audience.


Sven Apel was asking the list for a way to advise a for-loop construct. Ron Bodkin pointed out that "to use AspectJ with code like this, you could use the extract method refactoring, which would let you name a helper method to describe the post inner-loop behavior you want to advise."


Gregor Kiczales responded with this code snippet:

void simulate() {

void processPeers(Iterator/*<Peer>*/ peers) {
        while(peers.hasNext()) {
                Peer p = (Peer);

void processPeer(Peer p) {
        while(!p.finished()) {
                // process peer data
                // perform actions


Follow good software engineering practices first. In this case, the "Extract Method" refactoring will make the code cleaner, as well as, provide a more natural pointcut that can be used with AOP.

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