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Heron-Centric: Ruminations of a Language Designer
Biscuit : A Parser Framework Based on YARD
by Christopher Diggins
July 2, 2005
YARD, the compile-time recursive descent parser generation framework has spwaned its first offspring, Biscuit.


Some time ago I introduced a compile-time parser generation library which emulated EBNF (Extended Backus-Naur Form), called the YARD parser ( Yet Another Recursive-Descent parser ).

Well recently someone who goes by the moniker of mb2sync ( his/her Japanese name is unknown to me) has developed an open-source extension of YARD called Biscuit at ( ).

Biscuit extends the YARD parser generator by binding with the Boost finite state machine library. Biscuit was developed with the intention of using it to build a lightweight and efficient XML parser. According to mb2sync the YARD parser produced much smaller parsers than the Boost Spirit parsing library, and it did so much more quickly. I maintain that YARD is also more efficient at run-time than Spirit, but I only have performed a few experiements to verify this. Besides, being the original authour I can not be trusted to be unbiased.

I am watching the Biscuit parser project closely, and has a high likely of superceding the YARD parser. I am hoping to use it in the next iteration of the Heron parser, and to aid in its development.

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