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Angle Brackets and Curly Braces
Announcing Ruby Code & Style
by Bill Venners
October 11, 2005
Artima has launched Ruby Code & Style, a new online magazine dedicated to sharing the pleasure of Ruby programming. Edited by James Britt and Shashank Date, this magazine will publish technical feature articles, tutorials, and commentary for Ruby programmers.


Today James Britt, Shashank Date, and I launched Ruby Code & Style, a new online magazine (a "Zine") devoted to publishing articles for the Ruby community.

This project began over a year ago, when Dave Thomas connected me with Curt Hibbs, who connected me with Shashank Date, who invited a bunch of Ruby folks to be on the Ruby Zine's advisory board. Over forty people responded and joined the mailing list to discuss the editorial focus of the magazine. The discussion was lively, our first major issue being whether to have Reply or Reply All send replies back to the list. We settled that one with a vote, and we moved onto figuring out the right editorial focus (and name) for this magazine, and getting starter content. For various reasons, mostly that I was too busy to keep the process moving consistently and didn't yet have important materials like an author's guide, the process took about a year. Nevertheless, we finally got it out the door, and we're very excited about its future. Our goal for Ruby Code & Style is to foster an exchange of best practices and techniques through high quality articles for the Ruby community.

Many thanks goes to Shashank Date for getting the project off the ground, James Britt for grabbing the flag and leading us to the launch, and, of course, the advisory board for all their time, interest, and input. I'd also like to thank our first three authors: Ara Howard, Jack Herrington, and Austin Ziegler.

For more information on the editorial mission of Ruby Code & Style, read the about page. We're looking for authors to write great articles for Ruby developers. If you'd like to write for this new Zine, please read the writer's guidelines. To see who is on the Editorial Advisory Board, look in the lower left hand column of the Ruby Code & Style home page. And of course, don't forget to check out the first three articles:

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