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Thinking Upside Down
CEDSimply - Python Sprechen sie Espanol nan desu Ka?
by Andy Dent
May 16, 2006
What if you could write Python code with an alternate interpreter/preprocessor that allowed you to use different keywords in your native tongue, including ideogrammic languages? This proposition comes from a thought that Python semantics may be flexible enough to act as a VM for the new CEDSimply language.


I introduced the concept of flexible syntax in English-centric Programming Languages vs DSLs and mentioned the origins of CEDSimply earlier.

This morning I woke up with a very compelling thought - feel free to tell me I'm still just dreaming :-)

It comes together something like this:

  1. the semantics of Python's textual representation are compatible with CEDSimply (semantics yet to be published)
  2. the CEDSimply ability to use different "dialects" or "vocabularies" would therefore allow you to write Python in a native tongue but still translate it to English Python for a different consumer
  3. having a CEDSimply implementation on top of Python and thus directly able to be deployed in any Python implementation includes some very big batteries!

So, is the thought of a multingual Python appealing?

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