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Thinking Upside Down
XML Processors can't Ignore Namespaces
by Andy Dent
June 15, 2006
Namespace processing seems to be the 'will do later' entry on every XML toolkit author's list. Following from discussion in the recent thread "Simplifying XML Manipulation" I wanted to emphasise that namespaces are the key to reuse in schemas and hence any chance of rich data interchange. Don't ignore them!


Here's the first element showing how many (standardised) namespaces are being used in a typical example of the kind of XML we process.

This is used to represent complex data like assay results of samples taken from boreholes, complete with spatial coordinates and attribution to various parties in the processing chain.

 ..\..\XMML\adx.xsd" id="XX-R923364-12" version="2.0.1">

There is a huge amount of work being done to establish relatively small, reusable XML schemas. The common pattern is:

  1. Identify community needs for shared data
  2. Create instance documents and schemas.
  3. Refactoring - identify portions which are reusable in other domains and pull them out into their own namespaces.

A good example is the Observations and Measurements schema, directly downloadable from and described in detail at

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