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Thinking Upside Down
Closed-Source Cocoa - Arrogance, Empowerment or Commercial Necessity?
by Andy Dent
July 6, 2006
OO frameworks, especially in the C++ world, have usually shipped with source. This is often highly educational and sometimes a life-saver. Until, Apple didn't ship the Cocoa source.


I have to confess up-front that I only have one substantial Cocoa project under my belt (so far). The scars healed a year or so ago.

I haven't had the time recently to do more than gaze wistfully at Apple's sample code (working in MFC is hard when you know the grass is greener) and there are a lot more good books out there than when I was doing Cocoa. There are probably fewer undocumented interfaces as well.

However, I'm still bearing a grudge - where's the damn source code! .

So, why did Apple do it?

I've been looking through some old PowerPlant code lately (yes, using ObjectMaster ) and delving deep into MFC source to debug some hairy problems ( shudder ) and it made me remember just how hard it was to achieve similar debugging on my Cocoa project.

Let's just call this a Neutrally Nostalgic posting.

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