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Thinking Upside Down
User Experience - Decrease Stress, Increase Joy
by Andy Dent
September 5, 2006
There are two kinds of software experience you want for your end users - Invisibility and Smile on My Face.


I was thinking about how to describe my philosophy of software development and particularly product design.

I like to put it this way:

There are two kinds of software experience you want for your end users,

  1. Invisibility - the software they use in their daily life enables them, doesn't get in their way and certainly doesn't make them want to hurl the computer out the window.
  2. Smile on My Face - something about the way the software empowers them, what it lets them create, makes them feel like they want to go show Mum what they just did.

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Andy is a free-lance developer in C++, REALbasic, Python, AJAX and other XML technologies. He works out of Perth, Western Australia for a local and international clients on cross-platform projects with a focus on usability for naive and infrequent users. Included in his range of interests are generative solutions, software usability and small-team software processes. He still bleeds six colors, even though Apple stopped, and uses migration projects from legacy Mac OS to justify the hardware collection.

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