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JavaOne 2008, Day 2
by Arash Barirani
May 8, 2008
I got to JavaOne late this year, but still was able to see some old friends, and do some catching up over dinner. JavaOne has become a social call and a community refresher for me as much as it has been a trade show that offers one the latest trends and news.


This year I couldn't take time off to attend JavaOne when the doors open and go to the opening sessions. I got there late and registered and scanned the floor a little while. I missed the waiting crowed and all the new faces that are anxious to get in. Yes, it is as much a social call for me as it is a trade-show with news about who is doing what, and what is the latest on Java.

A few highlights of what I saw on the first day in the JavaOne Pavilion:

A new company named dotFX with a security product. They provide security for Internet applications based on Java. The person in the booth, Pete, was full of that startup-energy to tell the outside world about his company's product and what types of issues their product solves. I just love that level of enthusiasm! In spite of that, I am not sure exactly how it works and how it will help me on a day-to-day basis as a programmer... So much for this.

Then I went to see a screen full of flashing graphs and icons. It was "JENNIFER" -- a company that puts out performance monitoring tools. I remember them from JavaOne last year. I was told their demo that was displaying in their booth was an actual client monitoring. Not sure if it was live or recorded from before.

I saw another company, Appistry. They make a grid-based application that helps simplify development and deployment of scalable applications in Java, .NET or C and C++. I didn't get a chance to go over what they offer -- in detail -- but plan to do so tomorrow.

I also stopped by Krugle: A software development package that provides all sort of features and functions for code development and analysis. I will see if attend their demo session today. So more on this.

Saw the Microsoft booth there and I am planning to see what they have this year -- other than their bid for Yahoo.

I am making an effort to make it to JavaOne in SF everyday. I don't have a set focus on any type of technology or company this year. So if you have a favorite subject, company, or product, leave me a message. I will make sure that at least I check it out for you. This way I will feel more Green about my commute to SF during this week too. ;)

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