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JavaOne 2009, Day 2: Clouds, Scala & JavaFX.COM
by Arash Barirani
June 4, 2009
At this year's JavaOne, you can notice the buzz around "cloud computing." Vendors seem to have different takes on just what this term means. Then there are fun new languages for the VM, such as Scala, JavaFX, and Clojure. And old languages seem to be moving to the VM, too: There are JavaOne sessions on running PHP on the JVM, for example.


At JavaOne 2009, "cloud" is in. The word "cloud" as in Cloud Computing, is noticeable everywhere. There is Sun's Cloud Computing, Google's App Engine Cloud Computing, Cloud messaging, and more. And it seems like everyone is using the cloud a little differently from others.

I find the meaning of the word "cloud" a bit cloudy, to say the least. The concept of cloud computing basically revolves around providing the user (the application developer in this case) the host/server as well as all the necessary software (appserver, database, J2EE SDK…) that he/she needs to build, deploy and execute his web application. The user just builds and deploys and the cloud will do the rest. I think a better term would be "Ready-To-Go" Computing. That is really what Cloud computing is, at least how the vendors present it. You can even shorten it to "R2G Computing".

I talked to a couple of people from Sun and found out there is website with JavaFX examples and sample code, http://www.javaFX.COM. I actually like the website itself. It is colorful and easy to use. Have to check out the sample apps a bit more.

As for new stuff at JavaOne 2009, there is a new JVM language, Scala, that I like to chat about with my peers and friends at JavaOne. I'm also looking forward to learning more about what is new with the Spring framework.

I attended a session titled: "How to Run PHP Faster Using Java Technology" and it turns out there is at least one Java-based version of PHP, Quercus, that allows one to run PHP in a Java environment. Why implement PHP in Java? Well it turns out it is fast, and also this way you can take advantage of all sorts of Java services and utilities that may not be readily available in a PHP environment.

By the way, if you feel "Cloud Computing" is, or somewhat not, a clear term and you have a better one, please feel free to mention it in your comment.

Till tomorrow,


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