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PyConTre Italy
by Michele Simionato
February 20, 2009
The third edition of the Italian Python Conference is coming. This year we have Guido van Rossum as guest of honor! The place is Florence, the dates are 8-9-10 of May, the website is, what are you waiting for? You cannot miss it!


PyConTre Italy is the major Python-related conference in Italy. Last year we had more than 300 participants and this year we expect to have much more due to the partecipation of Guido van Rossum, the creator and Benevolent Dictator For Life of Python.

The conference will start with a keynote by Guido, on May, the 8th 2009, and will continue the next two days with a few dozen talks. The location will be the historical city of Florence.

In the past all the talks have been of very high technical profile and I am confident we will reach an even higher level this year. We expect many well known Pythonistas to come, and Alex Martelli is a confirmed keynote speaker.

I am in the organizing committee , even if I must confess I am a very lazy organizer: the hard work is actually done by the Florentines, Giovanni Baio, Simone Zinanni and all of the Develer crew, thank you guys!.

Being an Italian conference, most talks are in Italian but we have a translation service for our foreign guests, so that you can follow the conference even if you do not know any Italian. Of course, you don't need to know anything to enjoy the city and the world famous Fiorentina ;)

The Call For Papers is open until March the 9th: if you plan to partecipate and you are interested in presenting a paper you can send an email to or to any member of the organizing committee .

Last year we had a number of generous sponsors (including Skype, Google, the Python Software Foundation and many others): thanks to them, PyConDue was one of the cheapest conference ever, and I expect the same will be true this year too. If you are interested in sponsoring the event, you should read the sponsor page and write to .

Finally, there is a newsletter/google group of the Italian Python Association, which main purpose is to help people with questions about the conference. Now you have no excuses not to come. See you in Florence! ;-)

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