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JSR 166, A Case Study
by John D. Mitchell
February 9, 2004
A case study of the trailblazing JSR 166 specification development process.


Susan Mitchell (no relation :-) wrote up a case study of JSR 166. In case you didn't recognize the JCP numbering, JSR 166 is creating the new java.util.concurrent capabilities that are being introduced as part of J2SE v1.5.

Doug Lea and the rest of the expert group have worked hard to make the JSR 166 specification development process as open and transparent as they could given the constraints of the JCP (Java Community Process). I heartily applaud Doug and the rest of the expert group for blazing this trail.

Lest this be merely a love fest, I must say that the JCP still has a long ways to go before it is truly an open, transparent, and community process.


ObDisclaimer: Yes, I'm quoted in the article so I must be biased.

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John D. Mitchell is the Chief Architect of Krugle -- a search engine for developers. Along with developing and rescuing distributed enterprise systems, John advises investors and executives on technology and high-tech companies. Over the past 15 years, he has been the CTO of ElasticMedia,, jGuru and the MageLang Institute. John co-authored "Making Sense of Java: A Guide for Managers and the Rest of Us." He was the founder and contributing editor of the "Tips & Tricks" column at JavaWorld. John writes extensively on complex systems, development processes, computer languages and protocols, parsing and translating, and technological business risk management.

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