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Indeterminate Heuristics
The Reasons behind Installer DeLux
by Dale Asberry
June 7, 2004
Why not just use the installers already out there for crying out loud??!!



First, a couple observations about "installation":

  1. Installers are little more than glorified scripts.
  2. Providing an installer fulfills part of the follow-through for The Principle of "It Just Works!"
  3. I have issues...


Itches Scratched

Current Status

If you'd like to participlate, (membership with required).


Check the project (well, the code anyway) at:

I have a crude demo at:

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R. Dale Asberry been hacking since 1978, professionally since 1990. He's certified in Java 1.1 and has a four digit MCP number. He discovered Jini at the 2000 JavaOne and has been building incredibly cool, dynamic, distributed architectures ever since! Over time, he's discovered several principles that have contributed to his success - they are the Princples of: Enabling Others, Simplicity, No Complaining, Least Work, Least Surprise, Least Damage, and "It Just Works".

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