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Announcing the Artima Chapters Library
by Bill Venners
July 13, 2004
Today we launched the Artima Chapters Library, where you can get information about newly published books for developers. For each book, you can download a free chapter, and review or discuss the book in the Books Forum.


You can scan books by publisher or topic on the Chapters Library home page:

Click on the title to see a page devoted to the book, such as:

To discuss the book, click on "Book Reviews and Discussion" in the right hand column, under the heading "About the Book."

If you'd like to be notified of new books for developers, you can subscribe to the Chapters Library RSS Feed:

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Bill Venners is president of Artima, Inc., publisher of Artima Developer ( He is author of the book, Inside the Java Virtual Machine, a programmer-oriented survey of the Java platform's architecture and internals. His popular columns in JavaWorld magazine covered Java internals, object-oriented design, and Jini. Active in the Jini Community since its inception, Bill led the Jini Community's ServiceUI project, whose ServiceUI API became the de facto standard way to associate user interfaces to Jini services. Bill is also the lead developer and designer of ScalaTest, an open source testing tool for Scala and Java developers, and coauthor with Martin Odersky and Lex Spoon of the book, Programming in Scala.

This weblog entry is Copyright © 2004 Bill Venners. All rights reserved.

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