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Announcing The C++ Source
by Bill Venners
June 22, 2004
Artima has launched The C++ Source, the premier online journal for the C++ community. Edited by Chuck Allison, this magazine will publish technical feature articles, tutorials, and commentary for C++ programmers.


Today Chuck Allison and I launched The C++ Source, a new online magazine (a "Zine") devoted to publishing articles for the C++ community.

My involvement in this project began last October when Chuck Allison, who had recently resigned as Senior Editor of the C/C++ Users Journal, sent me an email. He was thinking about creating an online magazine to serve the C++ community, and wanted to talk to me about the mechanics of online publishing. In the course of our conversation, we began to get the feeling that we should try to find a way work together. After a few months of thinking and soul searching, we came up with a model we thought might work, and we were off. In the meantime, Chuck had assembled an editorial advisory board of C++ luminaries, authors, and programmers—a truly amazing collection of C++ talent. Through the course of much discussion over a mailing list, this group worked together to define the right editorial focus for this magazine.

For more information about the editorial vision, look at Chuck Allison's first note from the Editor's Desk: C++ Reloaded. If you'd like to write articles for this new Zine, read the writer's guidelines. To see who is on the Editorial Advisory Board, look in the lower left hand column of The C++ Source home page. And of course, don't forget to check out the first two articles: In the Spirit of C, by Greg Colvin, and Reading Unix-style Directories via STL-compliant Sequences, by Matthew Wilson.

To be notified of new articles published in The C++ Source, you may subscribe to its RSS Feed or to the Artima Newsletter.

Lastly, in conjunction with the launch of The C++ Source, we also launched an new Interest Group, C++ Community News. This will be the place to go for the latest news and discussion about C++.

More Zines to Come

Regular readers of Artima may have noticed I haven't been publishing many interview articles lately. I took this temporary break from interviews to help me get some new features out the door. The interviews will soon be back in their very own Zine. In addition to the interviews Zine, we are working on creating Zines on various other topics of interest to programmers. I am interested in hearing what topics you would like to see covered in a Zine. Please post your Zine wish list in the discussion forum. Thanks.

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