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Indeterminate Heuristics
Tip: Using AspectJ with WSAD 5.1
by Dale Asberry
July 29, 2004
Simple configuration settings for putting your aspects into a different project than your primary project(s).


Here's the original message:

Subject: [aspectj-users] AJDT - cross-project weaving in WSAD

Hi All,

I need some help with AJDT 1.1.4 used with AspectJ 1.2 in WSAD 5.1.0. (Eclipse 2.x)

Below is an answer to a former question:

Suppose you have Project A which is pure Java and Project B that is AspectJ. You want to apply your aspects from Project B to Project A. You open the ProjectProperties for Project B and add a new source folder (through the java build path tab). When you add the source folder, make it a linked source folder that points to the source folder for ProjectA.

When setup this, ProjectA can build as a pure java project. When you build ProjectB it will apply your aspects to the source from ProjectA and the resulting output will be put into the bin directory for ProjectB.

I'm interested in doing the same thing and I tried the suggestion. Unfortunately, I'm unable to define a linked source folder. Actually, according to the WSAD help about linked source files, there should be a dialog with an advanced option to specifiy that a source folder is actually a link to a source folder within another project. I don't even see the Advanced button.

Any explanation, idea, suggestion?


Jean-Luc Libioulle

And my reply:

My solution is as follows:

A coworker has something similar, but prefers to keep the .class files in the bin\ directory of Project B. It requires using the "Zip Creation" plugin.

One point of caution: make sure that in "Project Properties->Java Build Path->Libraries" tab, that none of your libraries are using variables. It appears that the 1.1.4 + 1.2 versions have problems converting the variables to their absolute paths.

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