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Objects and Java Seminar by Bill Venners
Introduction to Java
Lecture Handout


About this Seminar

Seminar Overview

1. Introduction to Java
2. Classes and Objects
3. Initialization and Cleanup

4. Packages and Access Specifiers
5. Composition and Inheritance
6. Polymorphism and Interfaces

7. Collections and Inner Classes
8. Exceptions
9. Threads
10. Applets and Graphics
11. AWT and Swing Components
12. Events and GUIs

13. I/O and Object Serialization
14. Network Programming
15. Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

Why Java?

Major Features

Java is Object-Oriented



Objects Expose an Interface

Interface: the messages an object will accept

Creating an Object: Account acct = new Account();
Sending a Message: acct.deposit(15000);

Interface vs. Implementation


Composition: enlisting the help of other objects


Subclass is-a superclass

Subclass accepts same messages as superclass


Code can treat subclasses as if they are superclasses:

1 void makeMoney() {
2     Account a = new Account();
3     OverdraftAccount oa = new OverdraftAccount(50000);
4     makeDeposit(a, 100);
5     makeDeposit(oa, 200);    // "upcasting"
6 }
7 void makeDeposit(Account account, int amount) {
8     account.deposit(amount); // "dynamic binding"
9 }

Java Applications

Objects in one VM sending messages via interfaces

The Lifetime of an Object



Java APIs

Compiling and Running

Linking, Optimization, and Execution

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