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big problem with database connection

Posted by Chin Loong on January 20, 2002 at 5:10 PM

hey guys,

anybody could help me to diagnose this problem? i'm using a kind of connection pooling program, quite simple one that reuse connections to databse. i think it's DBConnection Broker or something like. the thing is, now i migrated my database from mySQL to MS access, and connections gets very slow after the second getConnection() call. after i change the variable of MIN and MAX connections both to 1, it becomes better, but now it will get slow, not after the second time, but probably after around 20 times of getConnection() call.

now, i can't think of the problem. i freed the connection after every usage (before another getConnection() call), but it still gets slow after like 3 minutes of using. it's *extremely* slow. every database call will take like 10 seconds to finish, and my update buttons (which will execute the database queries and/or updates) will stay pressed for the time period when this database calling is done. and i can't do anything else, even closing the application.

what could be wrong? :(


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