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November 2000



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me either

Posted by lucas on November 08, 2000 at 1:50 AM

Hi Kishori

> Here is the class hierarchy for Graphics class. So when >you call getGraphics ( ) on a component then it returns you an >instance of class WGraphics which uses a lot of native methods.
I think that WGraphics is a class from java2 and probbably uses a lot of native methods.
I really need a solution for AWT 1.0(1.1) the one that is supported by IExplorer or Netscape.There is the mistery of who overrites the Graphics and i came to the conclusion that is no subclass of Graphics but i found in the java/bin winawt.dll, winawt_g.dll and looking in them with a dependency walker i found all the declared abstract methods of Graphics :(

>Note the presence of sun.java2d and packages.
> public java.lang.Object
> public abstract java.awt.Graphics
> public abstract java.awt.Graphics2D
> public abstract sun.java2d.SunGraphics2D
> public extends SunGraphics2D >implements PixelDrawPipe, PixelFillPipe, TranslateablePipe,
>SimpleRenderPipe, TextPipe, DeviceClipping
So i suppose java1 is dead, that is the deal with java2(sdk1.3.0) ?
How do i plug it in the browser?( IExplorer or Netscape)
if am looking at a site wich ... contains a JApplet , the browser will download all the standard packages it needs even if I have java2 installed on my computer???


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