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November 2001



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Sun Certified Programmer for Java[tm] 2 Platform

Posted by Chin Loong on November 15, 2001 at 10:43 PM

oh geez :( i typed a long list of questions but accidentally pressed escape button and it all got lost! :( guess i have to type it all *again* (boo hoo ~)

*sigh* well :P i just went through the objectives and there's some things i don't really understand, probably due to my bad bad english. if u guys are free and would like to share your opinion/knowledge, please feel free to do so because i bought my voucher yesterday :P. i just bought it coz i know if i don't buy it, it'll get get postponed again and again and i'll end up not taking it years later. it's just a way to force myself to take it since it has been postponed for about a year plus :P.

okay here's the questions after my length introduction.....

1. what is identifiers? is it the variable/class/method names that's use to identify them individually?

public void String getChars(String str)

is getChars the identifier?

2. what is the "prototype of a constructor"? (personal comment : there's such thing as a prototype of a constructor?? *shriek*)

3. what is labeled and unlabeled use of break and continue? as far as i know.. there's just break and continue, rite? but since it's stated in the objectives.. i guess there is such thing as labeled and unlabeled use.

for(int i=0;i<5;i++)
else continue;

is this unlabeled use? what is labeled use then? (full of questions.....)

4. what is literal values of String? i don't understand the statement "declare literal values for String and all primitive rtypes using all permitted formats, bases and representations".

String str="a"; // is this declaring literal value as opposed to
String str=new String("a"); // ??

5. err i know how to use && and || but i don't know how to use & and | :P. anybody care to explain? ^_^

6. just a yes-or-no question...

is overloading : redefinining different implementations of a method that has the same name and parameter type in the parent class?
and is overriding : defining different implementations of methods of same name but of different parameter types?

7. what is top level classes, inner claases, static inner classes, anonymous inner classes? is top level classes something like

class Human

and inner classes

class Man extends Human

?? (my goodness my theoretical java is really bad)

yup.. that's about it.. for other objectives i could do my own homework, go to the library next week and LEARN how to use them :P. these questions just..well.. i'm just not sure about whether they are really what i think they are. heheh.


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