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October 2000



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How about this...

Posted by Short version on October 24, 2000 at 8:32 PM

> Can anyone offer some insight on how to install OOPad? I'm
> using JDK1.2 on WIN 98. It was after a few unsuccessful tries at
> changing my AUTOEXEC.BAT that I became nervous to change anything
> else. This is the response I got from the OOPad site:

> "The java executable will need a classpath variable set.
> Some people set it in their autoexec.bat or .profile, but this
> is a basic idea. You will invoke a java app in a shell so set the
> classpath in the shell. Set it in cpath.bat or in oopad.bat , the
> shell takes the last of multiple values if you set it more than
> once."

> First off, OOPad is on my machine at C:\JCode\oopad111, and
> is in the oopad111 folder. My unchanged AutoExec and
> OOPad files follow, with my suggested changes in []. Can you
> tell me if you see anything wrong?

> AUTOEXEC.BAT (my PC is set):
> lib\tools.jar

> [set classpath=%CLASSPATH%;C:\JCode\oopad111\OOPad.jar]

> oopad.bat (set on his PC):
> set classpath=.;d:\java\jre\lib\rt.jar\;d:\work\packages
> java ishtai.oopad.OOPad

> [set classpath=%CLASSPATH%;C:\jdk1.2.2\lib\tools.jar;C:\
> JCode\oopad111\OOPad.jar]

> cpath.bat (set on his PC):
> set classpath=.;d:\java\jre\lib\rt.jar;d:\work\packages

> [set classpath=%CLASSPATH%;C:\jdk1.2.2\lib\tools.jar;C:\
> JCode\oopad111\OOPad.jar]

> (set on his PC):
> Main-Class: ishitai.oopad.OOPad

> [This doesn't make sense; OOPad.html is in oopad111\docs\
> ishitai\oopad\OOPad.html]

> Originally, I figured on changing just the AutoExec file.
> Then, after the response from the OOPad site I seen his oopad.bat
> andcpath.bat and figured they would have to be modified. And
> finally, Sun's jar tutorial says a Main-Class statement is
> needed, and I found, which refers to OOPad.html two
> folders deep into \oopad111. Talk about humbling...CAN ANYONE
> NEED TO DO????

> Any help is greatly appreciated!

O.K.! How about this. I know I have to set my ClassPath to
run a .jar file. But, have any of you ever had to modify any
.bat files and an .mf file, along with your AUTOEXEC.BAT file???

Setting the ClassPath is not even close to rocket science,
but since I am unsuccessful, I must be overlooking something.

Thanks Anyone!

  • ClassPath Jegannathan.S December 16, 2000 at 10:49 AM (1)
    • ClassPath Jegannathan.S December 16, 2000 at 10:52 AM (0)

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