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October 2000



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n-tier applet

Posted by Ramesh R G V S on October 25, 2000 at 5:35 AM

> > u can have a servelt at the server side to which u can >communicate from applet.Since the bussiness logic and data >access is also on server side only it is better to have a HTML >page as a client insted of applet which takes more downloading >time than HTML.
> I don't know about that:
> for example i have an applet aplication that contains some 50
> classes (for now) and the total size is about 400k and will be more. But I (supposse) I solved the problem by doing this:
> the applet class and a few other classes are 30k (and i will jar them) and the applet loads itself with only few classes, among this classes most are abstract classes. So i do this,when the client clicks for example on Productivity ,the applet does this:
> Class.forName("derivatedclasspath.*.class of some abstract class") (these are mostly panels ) wich is casted on the abstract class. By doing this i think i resolved the problem with the loadtime... Problem is that i tryied this application
> only in intranet, and i think it's not relevant.
> But, my big worry is how it would behave once putted on the main
> web server accesible from outside because the applet connects itself to a server application from the host through sockets
> using TCP/IP. My experience is web server-client applications is very small, i am dealing with this only recently and don-t know most important issuses related to this.
> I expect some heavy problems(or i should not?) once applied on the main webserver.
> I would appleciate any advices related to that,( it would spare me of lot of problems in the future)subject.
> thank you very much,
> lucas

Yea definetly you will have that problem.
If u have program is running behind a fire wall and listening for
requests from clients(applets)on a (port ex:6050)
ur applet can not open a connection with this program since
the port on which the server is listening is not an authorized port.
so u can not talk to it.
one thing u can try.enable the port(which ever ur using in java
on webserver and try to connect.
mye be it shoud work.

Ramesh R G V S


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