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October 2001



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Two Questions....

Posted by Hiran on October 25, 2001 at 6:17 PM

Hi, I have two questions:
1) Does anyone know if in Java it is possible to call a specific function of another program. Here is what I want to do: Create an IM program that allows quick, easy access to a user's contacts (from multiple IMs - MSN, ICQ, AIM, etc.). So, in effect, my program would have a window that stays open that displays a user's contacts from whatever IM services they use as well as the status of that contact. But, if the user double-clicks on one of the contact, I want to bring up the appropiate IM program and start a chat session (ie, if a user double-clicks on an ICQ contact, ICQ's chat box should pop up). Does anyone know if I can do this at all (in any programming language)? If so, can I do it in Java, or what language would I have to use? (The reason I want to create this program is because for someone like me, who uses multiple IM programs, I want to have just one window open showing the status of all my contacts, instead of two or three. But at the same time, I don't want to create an IM program, instead I want to work with the IM programs that exist and just act as a storage for the contacts.)

2)Would anyone be interested in helping me create a program that (like Windows Explorer) maps a network drive as a local drive (so the user can browse the files, and such), but will map a drive that's across the Internet, and not an intranet? I am hoping to use for the GUI roughly the same GUI as Windows Explorer, since people are familiar with it. Or, even better, use Windows Explorer (instead of another GUI), and pass parameters to Explorer to map the drive (making the drive look and act like it exists on a computer attached to an intranet instead of the Internet).

These are just ideas I have. If anyone, can help me, or is interested in helping me create these programs, plse contact me at my email: Thnx!


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