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October 2001



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Ack-ademic Ethics

Posted by Chet Underwood, Esq. on October 25, 2001 at 8:55 PM

> ...
> everybody else : if u want to flame, just flame me and me alone, k? i'm the "rude and obnoxious" one. mukul has nothing to do with it. he's just stating his opinion.
> cheers, and enjoy your jobs and studies ;)

Hey, you can flame me, too! I stand behind Chin. He has a good record here of helping those who show a modicum of effort in doing something themselves and have specific implementation questions.

It is the "here's my assignment, please do the whole thing for me" people that need chastising. I, too, am more than happy to help someone who posts what they have and asks for specific help, but have absolutely no interest in doing homework assignments. This is especially so because these homework assignments don't actually solve any problem or serve any purpose whatsoever other than learning some Java concept while doing them. Which means, if someone else does it for you, then the assignment is 100% worthless.

Now if you can post a really interesting homework assignment that will teach me something new as I write it, then maybe I'll write it (but you'll have to also tell me the due date, so I can post it the day after). Which reminds me, Chin, I came up with a pretty cool variation of that "draw the diamond" homework from a while back. I'll post it some time later (here's a teaser: it takes a command-line parameter specifying which grade you'd like on the project and uses a different algorithm for each grade from F to A+ (yes, I had too much time on my hands)).

- Chet


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