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Swing Kludge

Posted by Bryan Boone on August 12, 1999 at 11:21 AM

> > The whole notion of statics and Singletons is really a nightmare in Java, especially in the applet world. When two applets are on the same page and have classes that contain Singletons or statics, those values are reflected in _both_ applets not on a per applet instance basis as one would think (hope). I think that Java is greatly lacking in this support and I imagine there is no effort to have better support. :(

> I tend to disagree with your view that two applets share
> the static variables of the class. As far as I know, each
> applet is loaded by a separate ClassLoader, and live in
> separate namespaces. There is no question of conflict here,
> and the static variables (class variables) do not have
> the same values (except possibly at class initialization).

> Statics and singletons play a crucial role in OO design.
> E.g: Factory pattern.

> Java provides a whole lot more support than what people
> assume or think. Classloaders, security managers, access
> controllers play an important role in client-side design
> and development.

> regards,
> Raghu

If you examine some of the Swing code, you'll see that they
realize the short coming of Singletons/statics. They hash
on some particular Applet ID, etc when they actually refernce a

  • java java bhavesh July 09, 2000 at 2:16 AM (0)

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