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The topics in this discussion forum relate to material presented in the articles of Design Techniques, my column on designing Java programs. This page contains an archived index of the Design Forum (formerly called the Flexible Java Forum) from March 1998 through February 2002. If you wish to participate in discussions, please visit the new Artima Forums.

Designing with Static Members
Discussing when use static members in Java programs
Designing with Runtime Class Information
Discussing when to use runtime class information in Java programs
Designing with Dynamic Extension
Discussing when to use dynamic extension in Java programs
Designing with Interfaces
Discussing when to use interfaces
Composition Versus Inheritance
Discussing how to choose between composition and inheritance
Event Generator Idiom
Discussing an idiom that shows how to use nofication in Java program designs
Canonical Object Idiom
Discussing a base level functionality for classes
To Bean or Not To Bean
Text of an e-mail debate on when to make classes into JavaBeans
When To Bean?
Discussing when make classes into JavaBeans
Designing For Thread Safety
Discussing when and how to make classes thread-safe
Designing With Exceptions
Discussing when and how to use exceptions
The Hotspot Virtual Machine
Discussing the Hotspot Virtual Machine and its impact on Java program design
Finalization and Cleanup
Discussing the end of object lives
Maximizing Method Cohesion
Discussing how to chop up responsibilities into methods
Designing Fields and Methods
Discussing the nuts and bolts of designing fields and methods
The Set/Get Question
Discussing the merits of methods that give the clients a view of an object's attributes versus methods that perform services
Flexibility as a Design Goal
A look at different people's ideas and opinions on software design and the overall software development process

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