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The topics in this discussion forum relate to material presented in the articles of Jiniology, my column on Jini. This page contains an archived index of the Jini Forum from May 1999 through February 2002. If you wish to participate in discussions, please visit the new Artima Forums.

Object versus Document
Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using objects versus using documents to deliver services across the network.
The Jini Lookup Service
Discussing the power and limitations of the ServiceRegistrar interface.
A Walk through Cyberspace
Discussing the material presented in the like-named Jiniology article, which shows how Jini's architecture could transform the web.
Make Room for JavaSpaces
Discussing the material presented in the initial article in the JavaSpaces series of the Jiniology column.
Adding UIs to Jini Services
Discussing the serviceui project's current proposal for a "standard" way to attach a UI to a Jini service.
Objects, the Network, and Jini
Discussing my initial Jini-ology article, which shows how Jini attempts to raise the level of abstraction for network programming.
The Jini Vision
Discussing my second Jini-ology article, which attempts to shed light on the vision behind the technology.

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