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I agree, plus...

Posted by MIke Thomas on September 20, 2000 at 11:42 AM

Singleton is probably an overused pattern anyway. Many times all you need is a "static class" which offers non-stateful, centralized utility methods - no need to create a singleton in this case. Plus, in TP/app server environments, I feel singletons are to be avoided due to potential threading issues.

> Singleton pattern results in ONE "instance". Not just a class. As far as I know. And I haven't read the relevant article.
> Now, just calling Class methods doesn't mean you have a singleton.
> And your comment about "it's a matter of style and not procedural programming practise" is not correct. People do tend to use just the class methods becuase that's what they did in proc. langs.
> A true singleton should produce one and only one instance and messages should be sent to that instance and not the class.

> That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

> > In an application I'm developing I have a singleton class
> > which provides basic services used throughout the application.
> > The singleton is implemented using statics. I do not believe
> > the question of object-oriented versus procedural programming
> > applies here. It is one of style.

> > For a singleton accessed in many places, ClassName.method()
> > seems to me to be more readable than
> > ClassName.getInstance().method. Since the concensus
> > is not to use statics for singletons I will probably change
> > it, but I am not completely convinced.


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