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IOException thrown in constructor



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IOException thrown in constructor

Posted by Bob Hancock on 14 Oct 1998, 5:01 PM

First, let me say that your articles are great. The single most valuable Java reference on the Web. I just bought your book on the JVM and look forward to reading it.

I was reading Object Finalization and Cleanup , from the June 1998 issue of Javaworld. In particular, Approach 3 class LogFileTransaction. It all made perfect sense, until I tried to implement it.

class Scratch {
LogFile lf = new LogFile("jack.zap");

javac Exception can't be thrown in initializer.
LogFile lf = new LogFile("jack.zap");
1 error

Which seems to suggest the IOException can't be thrown in the constructor. Is this correct, or am I missing something?


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