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similar kind of problem.

Posted by Kakoli Basu from Satyamurthy on March 14, 2001 at 5:08 AM

Hi Basu,

I found this search from '' site.

I am in Thames Water group in hyderabad. I also got similar problem like u had.Through IDL in CORBA, we get data into client side and front end is in Java Swings. I am unable to find out where exactly this happens. This is happening ramdomly. Did you solve this problem?. If so, please provide me the solution.
i shall be grateful to you.

hoping for the prompt reply,

Satyamurthy K,
Systems Manager,
Wipro Technologies,

> Hello Everybody,
> We are facing a problem of java.lang.OutOfMemory Exception.
> It happens when we are continuously creating and storing object
> in database(ObjectStore). Both our server and client are in java.
> And the server is distributed and is exposed to the client through
> an idl implemented in CORBA(OrbixWeb 3.0).
> We are releasing references whereever needed.
> And also calling runFinalizersOnExit(true).
> Also, the error does not come when continuously large
> objects(containing embedded objects) is stored in the same database
> with objects formed only through jdk.
> Any suggestions for the problem/where to look for the solution?
> Is explicit running of garbage collector recommended(since the
> article says that the design should not be such that it should
> depend on the frequency at which the garbage collector runs)? If
> explicitly run,can the running of java gc be speeded up?(i.e.,
> can we decrease the interval at which it searches as to what to
> garbage collect).


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