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WeakHashSet problem

Posted by Simon Gould on September 14, 2001 at 9:00 AM

I have a WeakHashSet containing ThreadGroup keys together with
their values. I have written a JUnit test to check that when they're
garbage collected they are removed from the WeakHashSet.

In the test I define a ThreadGroup:

ThreadGroup tg = new ThreadGroup("test");

and call the following function:

rm.addThreadGroup(tg, new MemoryResource(rm.getAmountAvailable()));

addThreadGroup is as follows...
public void addThreadGroup(ThreadGroup tg, Resource tgResource)
throws DuplicateThreadGroupException, OutOfResourcesException {
// ensure that the ThreadGroup hasn't been added already
if(!threadGroupList.containsKey(tg)) {
// ensure that the amount of resource required by
// the new ThreadGroup is available (OutOfResourcesException
// is thrown otherwise)
threadGroupList.put( tg, tgResource );
} else {
throw new DuplicateThreadGroupException
("ThreadGroup already present");

then my test goes on to set tg to null to allow garbage collection
tg = null;

then I add a further ThreadGroup to the WeakHashSet
force garbage collection and add another one.

rm.addThreadGroup(new ThreadGroup("test"), new MemoryResource(0));
rm.addThreadGroup(new ThreadGroup("test"), new MemoryResource(0));

my flush function is as follows...

public static void flushMemory()
Vector v = new Vector();
int count = 0;
int size = 1048576;
while(size > 1)
for (; true ; count++)
v.addElement( new byte[size] );
catch(OutOfMemoryError bounded){size = size/2;}
v = null; //release for GC
v = new Vector();

The problem is that tg, the first ThreadGroup I added
to the WeakHashSet, isn't removed from it :-(

does anyone know why??


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