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Tune in next month



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Tune in next month

Posted by Bill Venners on 05 Nov 1998, 4:24 PM

> You really sould not discuss inheritance vs. composition but you
> should discuss inheritance vs. composition-interfaces. Any other
> way makes the discussion incomplete.
> For all of you who want to read a very good text on inheritance
> vs. composition-interfaces, specially on the person-employee
> issue, please read the book : 'Java Design : Building better Apps
> & Applets' by Peter Coad. There is a complete chapter on
> inheritance vs. compositon-interfaces.

> For the person-employee issue : An employee is not a special kind
> of person, it is a normal person like you and me.
> Employee is just a role you play in life as a person.
> Therefor do not use inheritance.

I divided my whole discussion of composition, inheritance, and
interfaces into two articles. I talk all about interfaces,
including how interfaces affect composition, in next month's
article, which will go live at JavaWorld on Nov 15th.



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